Zanshin Musical Instruments

funk ojisan|Reminiscence OVERDRIVE

An overdrive limited to 20 units produced in collaboration with innovative Musical Instruments and funk ojisan!

This machine uses transistors from the 1960s, and according to funk ojisan store manager Kenken, ``It's like bringing back a distant memory...''
The result is a melancholy sound that makes you think of distant memories.

When you play chords, a pale sound surrounds the entire tone, and when you play a phrase, the glossy distortion sounds pleasantly to your ears.
Please experience the drive sound with sustain that takes advantage of simple controls.

In addition, when you open the back cover, there is a trimmer that controls the bass range, making it possible to use it as a full-range booster or treble booster.


Width (W): approx. 124mm
Depth (D): Approximately 98mm
Height (H): Approx. 48mm
Weight: approx. 310g

*Please use a regulated adapter or power supply for a φ2.1, center-negative effector. (both sold separately)
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